The Paradox of the Present

A pervasive series of paradoxes exist in life — a labyrinth of contradictions and the most elegant of traps for the human experience. As I sit here now, I’m writing about being present. But the mere act of writing pulls me out of the present as I pause to predict the next word to effectively communicate my thoughts. The connection to The Creator is only formed when we truly are in the present. Any thoughts — from the past — from the most recent of “what just happened here” to deeply troughed memories of long-gone experiences pull us from the present. Similarly, the mere act of writing or having your mind settle on wants from a distant future, a deviation from that current breath, the sounds, smells, and sights around you in that very moment, is like cutting the wire that taps us into her infinite wisdom.

Be. Present. In. This. Very. Second.

Exploring humanity and our connection to everything through meditation and other non-normal states of consciousness.